'BER Months = Gift Ideas (2014) September 10 2014

The 'BER Months are here! Which can only mean one thing: Christmas is fast approaching!

One of the things that can weigh us down during the festive holiday season is shopping for gifts. The long lines at the mall. The traffic jam. Crowded shops.

Not to mention: what are you getting you family and friends for christmas???

Fruitcake? The chocolate crinkles that you've given for the nth christmas? Mugs?

How about a customised shirt to show just how unique and thoughtful you are? :) We can create customised designs for you - imagine your very own zip code, or any design you have in mind! At a minimum of 10pcs, you can already come up with a special gift that your family and loved ones will always remember you by and be happy to wear all year round.

Sounds good? Drop us a line at beachsters@gmail.com, info@thebeachsters.com


The Beachsters