First Post: The Beachsters' Story March 29 2013

Hello, (soon-to-be) new website! Why are we here? Because of external forces beyond my control, I now have to build a new online store. It's all good, though. At least I've got something new to learn, right?

So far, it looks good. Much to learn and I'm excited about this new endeavor.

As for the "external forces" - I'm just grateful that at its peak, it has led me to finally start my own business, and here we are now.

So is what The Beachsters' story? In a nutshell, The Beachsters is the brainchild of a beachBunny (me) who has always dreamed of having her own business. After several business ideas over the years (as well as delays in acting on any of those), a now-or-never moment happened while doing the annual end-of-the-year-clean-up-my-room activity. I saw an old notebook with business ideas and product concepts. The timing was perfect; the moment magical and inspiring.

And so, at the start of 2012, with my old mindset of "It's now or never," I sprung into action and created and registered the business. There were a number of roadblocks and delays along the way, as well as changes to the business model and products -- details of which I will not bore you with. But the good news is, finally, we are here.

It's been quite a journey leading up to this point; we've only just begun, really. However, I wish to thank all the people who have helped, inspired, and supported me along the way - my family, friends and fellow beach lovers, and people I've met here and there (work and travels).

And to make things even more interesting, summer is now knocking on my door! Can't wait to enjoy the summer of 2013, and for my little business - and new online store - to make some waves.

Tune in for more updates!