Chris Martin and our Blue Crush tee December 10 2015

The first time I saw the video of Coldplay's Yellow, I fell in love with the song and the band, and I've been smitten with Chris Martin since. It could have been because the video was shot at the beach (seemingly in one take); or the moving lyrics of the song; or because the band is just awesome; or, because Chris Martin is just simply adorable.

I've followed the band since - their albums, songs, interviews, and prayed (still praying) for them to perform in the sunny shores of the Philippines (next year, perhaps???).

I've also always liked the band's nonchalant and effortlessly cool fashion sense and street style. In particular, Chris Martin because not only can he rock a plain shirt; he can also rock fancy jackets!

It was a sunny August afternoon of this year. I had a good meeting in surf town La Union; had my adorable beach dog (a Labrador) with me for company; an awesome new road trip playlist playing in my car - all was well with the world, and I was feeling happy. I was driving slowly back to Manila enjoying the sunset and Coldplay's "Magic" when I received a message from a friend asking if I was interested in his t-shirt inventory. The shirts were a lovely shade of denim blue (indigo), and they looked soft and comfy. The happy feeling of being back in surf town, the image of the blue comfy tees, and Chris Martin's soothing voice singing "Magic" all played and meshed well in my head. Thus, our Blue Crush Tee was born.

I love this shirt. I wear it regularly because it's really comfy. I have yet to wear it while surfing! I imagine surfers wearing this. More importantly, I imagine Chris Martin wearing this onstage (he happens to wear a lot of blue shirts!). I have a head full of dreams, and this is one of them (sea what I did there? :) ).

With lots of beach love and surf love,


Chief Beachster