Zip Code Love October 16 2013

It was the early '90s. I was a wide-eyed adolescent kid who was fascinated by these beautiful, rich high school teenagers. I watched them frolic around, fall in love, break-up, grow up. To me they were cool, and I wanted to be like them when I got to high school.

And their address? Oh, wow. It couldn't get any more prestigious than that, could it?

9-Oh-2-1-Oh. And thus I became aware of zip codes.

Back to the present time, year 2013. '90s fashion seems to be making a comeback (hello, Birkenstocks (still a personal fave of mine!)) - but I digress.

Little did I know that the show had an impact on me, numerically, until I saw that I have collected a number of zip code souvenir shirts from my travels throughout the years. Most of the shirts are now gone - lost, outgrown, tattered, torn, too small (I've gained a few pounds over the years; so what?). For me, a zip code shirt is the definitive souvenir of the place I'm visiting. A zip code shirt is versatile: wear it with a pair of shorts for a casual, weekend look; throw a blazer over it for a chic streetstyle look.

Thankfully, I still have this zip code shirt with me. This is absolutely one of my favorite shirts of all time. It's very comfy, soft, and it reminds me of a sunny afternoon in New York City. I was walking down the streets of Manhattan when I chanced upon the opening of a street market. Tables and tents had just been set up; merchants were preparing their wares. The scent of cotton candy and corn dogs wafting in the summer air. This shirt was my first purchase from that NYC street market. 

It's been years since that summer in New York but the memory and shirt are still with me. So much so that this special shirt of mine has inspired our very own Zip Shirt collection which features our favorite beach destinations in the Philippines.

Who would have thought that a '90s TV show would inspire a shirt collection?

Toodles, Kelly, Brenda and Donna!


The Beachsters