About Us

Road trips. Sound trips. Food trips. Laugh trips. Beach trips. We are The Beachsters. We love the beach all year round, rain or shine. We love to travel and wherever we go, we bring the beach vibe with us. We love the clear blue sea, soft breeze, blue skies, bright sun, warm sand, good times.

For us, traveling is just as essential as drinking water. And more importantly, going to and hanging out at the beach is equally important as breathing! Whenever there's free time, we hit the road, say 'paalam' (that's 'goodbye' in Filipino) to the city (even just for a few hours), and a big HELLOOO to the open road, blue skies, lovely beaches! 

We've traveled in and around the Philippines, as well as all over the globe, but there's still so much more to explore in the world. And much, much more to discover on our own shores. Don't we all just wish to be able to travel all year round so we can see & experience as many places as possible??? We travel either as a group, or on our own. Either way, we make each experience an adventure - and that is what traveling really is about.

Conceptualized by a certified beach Bunny during numerous beach trips, over countless cocktails and beer, and inspired by travels here and abroad, and avid beach lovers, The Beachsters was formally created in 2012.

The Beachsters is all about the casual, laid-back beach lifestyle. The statement designs - inspired by numerous beach trips here, there and everywhere, as well as by people we have met along the way - all evoke the beach vibe: casual, easy, carefree. Our clothes are versatile as you can wear them on and off the beach. Beach style meets streetstyle. All our clothes are proudly made in the Philippines.

We've got lots of designs and styles lined up so stay tuned for new stuff!

We love the beach all year round! We are The Beachsters.

The Beachsters is a product and registered trademark of Two Yellow Labs Enterprise. Copyright © 2012 The Beachsters.
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